Lurking under trees and around bushes, you may find a unique creature capable of affecting our society through the manipulation of the surrounding environment. But to find one of over 20,000 of these creatures in the U.S., you will need to look further than trees and bushes. They can be found in urban plazas, wetlands, trails, streets, corporate and institutional campuses, gardens, parks, hospitals, resorts, back yards, conservation areas, and historic preservation sites. They work most of their environmental manipulation from behind a desk in professional design spaces throughout the world. These creatures are classified by their Latin name as Natura Architectus or commonly known as Landscape Architect.


The Landscape Architect may be one of the least understood creatures in the design professions. The most common misconception or misclassification among the general public is that they are “landscapers”, someone who plants trees and bushes, fixes your broken sprinkler system, mows your lawn, or can tell you why your grandmother’s rose died…none of which is even remotely accurate.

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October of 2020 marked 20 years since we opened our doors and hung out the SLA Land Architects shingle. We had great plans for celebrating that milestone last year but found ourselves working from home and pretty much closed off from the rest of the world. Now that we are better navigating our way through the worldwide pandemic, we want to celebrate our 20…first year anniversary.


We thought it would be fun to hold the event at one of our recently completed park projects, Cougar Creek Park. We want to invite everyone to come by the park on Friday, October 15th between 4-7 pm for socializing, games, and food.


The first 20 participants will receive a $20 prize. The nature-themed Cougar Creek Park is located at 6635 W. Cougar Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89139




I have been a landscape architect for over 30 years and have been asked a hundred times what I do for a living. When I say that I am a landscape architect, their eyes glaze over and a questioning look forms on their face. The next question is either, "Can you help me plant a tree in my yard?" or "How do you stand working out in this heat?". It seems that the only part of “landscape architect” they hear is “landscape” and then they add an “r” to the end. Just to clarify, a “landscape architect” designs the land and all associated amenities.  A “landscaper” installs what we design.

For the last 21 years our firm has done business as “Southwick Landscape Architects”. To help better identify what it is that we do, we have modified our name. Beginning September 1st our firm will be known as “SLA Land Architects”. We are architects of the land and want to emphasize that point. No one has purchased the firm, no employees have left, there will be no change in daily operations. We just want the name to better reflect what we do.