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It is easy to think that most plants die in Las Vegas due to a lack of water. After all, we live in a desert and most of the plants you find in our landscapes come from far wetter climates than the Mojave Desert. Most of us rarely think of how much we are watering our grass, trees and shrubs unless we see an SNWA commercial telling us its time to change our watering schedule. However, many plants, including grass in Las Vegas, are overwatered which not only leads to high water bills but also to poor plant health and increased maintenance issues.

Common signs that you are overwatering a plant include:

  • Tips of leaves turning brown.

  • Leaves turning brown or yellow and wilting.

  • Leaves are fragile and break off easily or fall off the plant prematurely.

  • Root rot

  • For cacti and succulents, stems and leaves can get mushy or split.

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