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SLA Land Architects is capable of designing large and small scale projects within any reasonable budget and schedule. Our reputation has grown from delivering quality work as requested by each client. Having a substantial amount of past experience with a variety of government entities, we possess a strong knowledge of city, county, state and federal design standards and guidelines.

Many of our public projects contain unique artistic elements bringing interest, direction and hierarchy to the spaces they occupy. Specialized design such as healing gardens, demonstration gardens, and other symbolism in design make those designated spaces enjoyable and desirable outdoor destinations.

As the lead landscape architect on a variety of public and private projects, SLA has the experience necessary to lead entire design teams. We have successfully managed complete design teams including civil, structural, electrical, and geotechnical engineers, architects, cost estimators, surveyors and artists. With these design teams, we have consistently completed projects on time and within budget and have produced high quality completed products.

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