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Vantage Apartments provides a whole new level of modern living. These luxury flats and lofts allow one to experience magnificent views of the surrounding mountains, city, and the one and only Las Vegas skyline.


Built in 2008, this contemporary design works extraordinarily well using the various elevation changes to its advantage, terracing down to the street. This complex offers courtyards, a spa with a 180 degree view of the valley, a dog park with artificial turf and private outdoor spaces for the lower units. The pool area offers cabanas and includes raised planters that hide the pool equipment.


The plant palette for this oasis is very lush but interlaces xeric plants into the design. Many of the low plants such as Red Yucca and Grasses are lined formally in rows. The Dog Park incorporates luscious green African Sumacs as well as a mix of Agaves in a raised planter to avoid interaction with the animals.


An unparalleled level of sophistication is obtained in this designed catering to the up-scale clientele. 

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