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This 10,000 square foot playground is located in the heart of the Springs Preserve. SLA Landscape Architects was tasked with remodeling the existing space and upgrading the play equipment, surfacing and amenities. Existing GFRC rock walls were modified to open the space and provide room for a variety of activities. Shade structures and new plantings were added to make the space more comfortable throughout the summer.


A large playground structure was installed to provide physical challenges for older children that was missing from the previous playground. Custom panels were designed into the structure providing information about various animals native to the surrounding desert. Representations of these animals were placed around the playground to correspond with a scavenger hunt described on the panels. Musical instruments were added to the playground for users to collaborate and build skills outside the typical physical experience a playground provides. A covered area with slate tiles built into the rock walls was created for children to “paint” temporary works of art with water and to add to a multi-faceted sensory experience.

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