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E Sahara DMV_ 501 Studios_05-24-18_
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The Sahara Department of Motor Vehicles facility was designed to not only replace an outdated building near the site but to alleviate the congestion problems that accompanied it. The main considerations in designing the facility were customer flow, access to services, visibility and safety of employees, and providing a comfortable place for all users.

The landscape design on each side of the building helps define its use and provide spaces for specific user groups. The front of the building provides a combination of large shade trees and overhead shade structures that work in unison to provide an outdoor waiting room that leads to the main entry. This space also contains seat walls and custom paving patterns which help set it apart from other standard pedestrian walkways. Needed shade is also provided for the employee break area on the west side of the building.

The landscape design and palette for this facility is not only aesthetic but functional as well. From the moment one enters the site, the layout of the plant material throughout the entry drive, parking lots, VIN check lanes, and areas adjacent to the building assist in wayfinding for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. This combination of responsible design and aesthetics provides a welcoming atmosphere for the community, visitors, and staff.

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