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This unique M.C. Escher inspired park was developed into a spectacular destination for neighboring communities and residents of the City of Henderson. A ten acre portion of the 14 acre site is owned by Clark County School District and is designed with open grass area to be easily removed if a school needs to be built on the site. The outskirts of this section of the park have been planted with native plant material to bring the landscape back to its natural form. This section of the park also features a jogging trail and dog park.


In addition to the ten acres of open space, four acres of design amenities provide an awe-inspiring attraction to the park. Playground areas include electronic programmable activities, swings, splash pad and climbing features. The immense splash pad feature designates natural elements such as water, beach, earth, river, air, and sun on the ground plane with colored safety surface and water elements to coordinate. Imbedded in the hardscape, site walls, and planting layouts are optical illusions, whimsical patterns, and labyrinths. SLA worked closely with an artist to develop 13 lizard shaped tile mosaics that are imbedded in the plaza. This park was designed for active minds. Each time the public visits this park they will discover something new and exciting by experiencing the diversity and imagination that exists.

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