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Pabco Trailhead (28)
Pabco Trailhead (35)
Pabco Trailhead (39)
20121009 Pabco Trailhead (24)
Pabco Trailhead (43)
Pabco Trailhead (17)

Located along the Las Vegas Wash and within the Clark County Wetlands Park, three trailheads, Pabco, Wells, and Magic Way Trailheads, will be incorporated to the Wetlands Park Trail. Future roads will lead to the trailheads which will be able to accommodate cyclists, equestrian trailers, and buses for educational groups.


All design closely adhered to the Clark County Habitat Enhancement and Restoration Plan for the Wetlands Preserve. Southwick Landscape Architects worked with biologists from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in order to preserve and utilize specific native plant species to this riparian area. Plant material consisted of mostly native revegetation and followed the planting specifications of the riparian areas along the Lower Colorado River and the upland vegetation typical of the uplands in the Mojave Desert. Revegetation is to be installed from containers, with hydro seed, and through cutting processes. Shade trees are also incorporated into the Pabco and Wells Trailheads.


The Pabco Trailhead uniquely contains an amphitheater and views of the weir. Saltcedar was preserved and designed around in order to protect habitats for the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher and other migratory bird species. The Wells Trailhead main feature is a hill top overlook with sights of the wash and wide ranges of the Wetlands Park. The Magic Way Trailhead is the largest of the three with equestrian trailer and bus parking. All surfaces are unpaved. Overlook areas are incorporated into this site as well, along with shade structures and a restroom designed to function without the use of water.

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