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Lake Mead Village West is assembled and defined by the City of North Las Vegas as a number of properties between I-15 and Las Vegas Blvd. consisting of the Lake Mead island and adjacent downtown area. The vision for Lake Mead Village West is to serve as a space that offers meaningful, vibrant, and culturally influenced experiences along with civic services, shopping, dining, and entertainment.

SLA Land Architects worked with the City of North Las Vegas to develop a master plan for the area south of Lake Mead Blvd. between North 5th Street and Las Vegas Blvd. The proposed site improvments include the conversion of an existing on-site building to a library and the preservation of the historic Washington Continuation School to be repurposed as a public events center.

The theme for the space is based on the historical and cultural significance of this area. This history is put on display through proposed history timeline walls and educational stations throughout the site which depict the history of the area starting from the Pleistocene era, through the city’s origins in the early 1900’s, to modern day North Las Vegas. It also includes several site amenties that are based on the original resident’s ties to moonshining and involvement in the Boulder Canyon Project. Some of these features include interactive educational displays about hydro-electric science, the construction of Hoover Dam, and river science. Other elements include an entry gateway inspired by the Hoover Dam turbines, a large central outdoor shade structure with event lawn, and outdoor movie screen.  The unique history of the area is also reflected in the proposed design of the site furnishings, paving materials, and plant material. This public space would serve as both a gateway to North Las Vegas and integral destination for visitors and residents alike.

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