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The Imagine Apartments are beautifully designed, elegant apartments. The lush landscape has been thoughtfully designed to enhance the beauty of the architecture and provide inviting open areas for relaxation, social and active uses. The design intent was to provide usable outdoor areas for the residents to enjoy as part of their everyday living. The courtyards were designed to include living room type seating area, gardens, outdoor play areas and grills. One area incorporates dog activities where man’s best friend can keep active with dog play equipment.


Southwick Landscape Architects worked closely with Ovation Development to ensure that their design standards were met. Courtyard concepts were carefully designed to include a variety of amenities that were coordinated with the owner. The pool area is screened with landscape and lushly landscaped to provide a secluded resort feel. Graphic landscape elevations were created to ensure that tree placement and building elevations were coordinated. The collaborative process resulted in a beautiful place to live and play.

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