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East Las Vegas Library project included the new construction of a 44,370 square foot library building located on the east side of Las Vegas, Nevada that serves an overlooked neighborhood. The facility functions as a community hub offering technology, Wi-Fi, workforce training, cultural event space, story room, conference space, collaboration space, study space, recording studio, green screen room, tech arts lab, computer lab, tutoring, classrooms, café, staff areas and outdoor event space. The landscape is not only aesthetic but functional as well by providing needed shade for user designated areas and reinforces wayfinding to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The combination of landscape design and aesthetics provides a welcoming atmosphere for the community, visitors, and staff.

Sitting in contrast to the desert climate of its setting, a gathering of mature pine trees rest in the east side Las Vegas neighborhood that serves as the site for the new East Las Vegas Library. The design of the library preserves and emphasizes the distinctive landscape by integrating it into the gathering spaces that are central to the library’s connection to the community.
The barrio and the plaza reference the culture and traditions of the diverse neighborhood.  Undulating shade canopies intermixed with the existing pine trees throughout the plaza celebrate the main entry into the building.

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