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Carnegie Heights in Henderson, Nevada is a premier senior living retirement community. Active living is a major consideration for the entire community, which reflects in the outdoor courtyard design with swimming pool, spa, and pickleball offset by gathering spaces of intimate seating with shade covers, BBQ area, fire pits, and lush plantings.


Courtyard plantings, hardscape and site furnishings work together seamlessly to provide a modern, clean, yet homelike feeling for the residents. Color and texture were important elements for the overall planting design, providing an inviting and cheerful outdoor space while providing visual cues of the changing seasons. Large boulders were reused from the original site to add dimension and elevation to the planter areas.


The exterior meandering walkways include layered, colorful plantings for a pleasing and enjoyable stroll. Many trees are located near the pathways to provide an emersion into nature and provide much needed shade.


Landscape lighting was provided throughout the property emphasizing key trees with uplighting, while pathway lights guide the user as they navigate throughout the spaces, creating a sense of comfort while providing lighting for security and safety.

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