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This large regional park is positioned on 80 acres at the northwest corner of Tropicana and Decatur in Clark County. The Lower Flamingo Wash runs through the middle of the site and has formed a thirty foot deep channel between two prominent bluffs. Southwick LA was privileged to team with a national engineering firm to design a multi-use park on the site around a large detention basin. Twelve acres of multi-use turf playing fields are designated within a 100-year flood basin but above the 25-year flood zone. The upper bluffs showcase a passive park with picnicking, horseshoes, jogging paths, a dog park, playgrounds, exercise stations, tennis courts, basketball courts, splash pad and a butterfly garden.


Southwick LA worked with the Bureau of Land Management in preserving a rare and endangered sensitive plant species that was found within the park site. A conservation area was established to protect Eriogonum corymbosum var. nilesii. SLA paid close attention to the existing locations of this indigenous plants and protected or relocated them as necessary.


Aesthetically appealing architectural gabion walls define the artistic butterfly garden lining the walkways giving the garden dimension and flow. The engineered spillway along Decatur Boulevard features gabion walls, decorative rock patterns, and a special plant selection to ensure their root systems will not damage the engineered berm.

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