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The Ash Meadows Visitor Center was constructed in the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge was
established in 1984 and has only had a small modular unit acting as a visitor center. The refuge is the largest oasis in
the Mojave Desert, supporting an incredible diversity of plants and wildlife year-round. Over 24,000 acres of alkali
seeps, springs and other unique habitats make Ash Meadows a biological wonder in the middle of the harshest desert in
the United States. The Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge protects threatened and endangered species, many of
which occur nowhere else in the world. The layout of the visitor center was adjusted several times during design to
avoid the endangered Ash Meadows Sunray only found in this area. The design included a 1000’ boardwalk, use of
native plants and coordination with the indoor and outdoor exhibits. Our design included all site layout including parking
lot, roadways, walks, plazas and covered picnic areas.


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