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The inspiration for Ascaya comes directly from the natural terrain and flora in which the community sits. Everything from the natural patina of the rocks to the barrel cacti perched on the hillsides helped form our design. Compliment these aspects with a picture perfect view of the Las Vegas valley and it really is a unique place.


The community meanders its way through some remarkable terrain and the landscape design helps the community to feel like it belongs there. Native plant species were selected to create a seamless transition with the surrounding desert. Non-native, desert adapted species were used to complement the existing plant material while providing variety, interest and almost year-round blooms. Drip irrigation is the norm in the desert southwest and it is being used everywhere irrigation is necessary. However, over 60% of the landscape installed along the streets uses no irrigation. All of the decorative rock and boulders used were salvaged from on site. A stabilized rock trail was used along the main roads in the community rather than a concrete sidewalk to connect residents with community amenities and each other.

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