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Sculptural shade structure and light fixture
Hardscape variations
Custom benches

LA Land Architects designed complete street enhancements including landscaping, specialty hardscape, site furniture including custom benches and the custom shade shelters for the 4/10-mile linear park. The linear park fits within the existing right-of-way. The street was narrowed and meanders through the ROW to provide larger areas for urban park elements. The linear park contains custom seating, a unique colored paving pattern, a performance stage and locations for future urban park elements like ping-pong, corn hole, foosball & game tables.


This design modified the standard street into an urban plaza and park for pedestrian event use. The custom site furnishings turn functional site elements into sculptural art pieces that are appealing both day and night. The unique hardscape is achieved with three different custom colored pavers in a randomized pattern that visually widens the narrowness of the space.


At the stage area the road is elevated to the sidewalk height. The road can be closed in this block and pedestrians can use the entire space for larger events. The hardscape in the stage area is colored concrete in a leopard pattern with a green glass exposed aggregate band that winds through the space.

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