The City of Henderson downtown street improvement project includes the rehabilitation of several prominent roadways and street elements within the city’s downtown business district. The improvements targeted amenities used by cars, buses, bicyclists, pedestrians and local business owners. The project is part of the city’s overall vision to redevelop Henderson’s Water Street District.

The improvments include the addition of landscape planter areas aligning each side of the streets, narrowing of streets to provide a more pedestrian scale, increasing ADA compliant parking, bringing existing sidewalks up to code, lighting additions and upgrades, adding of site furniture, and constructing a couple of new gathering places.

These gathering places include a small linear pocket park on Market St. and converting East Army St. to a pedestrian only plaza. The theme of the linear park is based around the Military Order of the Purple Heart. It serves as a tribute to those that are members of the local Henderson Chapter 730. The park contains custom designed metal shade structures displaying the Purple Heart medal logo, a blood stone monument, illuminated flag poles, tables and benches, and various landscape planters that contain plant material that all bloom purple. The park and plaza area also serve as a destinations for local city and business workers to enjoy a break or lunch.